Sikaflex® Auto+ is a high-quality polyurethane automotive sealant

SIKAFLEX®-AUTO PLUS | Automotive Sealant

Multi-purpose polyurethane automotive sealant

  • Universal sealant for automotive body repair
  • Easy to use, can be overpainted and sanded
  • Bonds well to a wide variety of substrates


Sikaflex® Auto+ is used to create a continuous, bonding seal on interior and exterior automotive body joints and is suitable for making permanent elastic seals of high adhesive strength. Sikaflex® Auto+ bonds well to all the materials commonly used in body shops, e.g. metals, metal primers and paint coatings (2-c systems), and plastics.


  • Polyurethane technology
  • Easy to use
  • Can be overpainted
  • Can be sanded
  • Non-corrosive
  • Low odor
  • Elastic
  • Bonds well to a wide variety of substrates


150ml Tube


White, Black

Available Colour
  • White
  • Black