Sikalastic®-560 is a waterborne liquid applied waterproofing membrane


High UV resistant liquid applied membrane

  • Highly elastic, crack bridging, seamless waterproof membrane
  • Excellent adhesion to porous and non-porous substrates, use in highly exposed conditions
  • Highly reflective to reduce cooling costs, UV resistant, non-toxic, low VOC and approved for use with drinking water


  • For roof waterproofing solutions in both new construction and refurbishment projects
  • For roofs with many details and complex geometry when accessibility is limited
  • For cost efficient life cycle extension of failing roofs
  • For reflective coating to enhance energy efficiency by reducing cooling costs


  • Water based, free of solvents and toxins
  • Excellent waterproofing properties
  • Can be used in varying thicknesses
  • Excellent bonding capabilities
  • Can be applied to damp surfaces
  • Can be mixed with sand/cement to improve adhesion, tensile strength, flexibility, sound dampening and to create falls
  • Approved for use in potable water (AS4020:1999)
  • Can be painted or coated over
  • Easy to apply and work with
  • Can be applied to a wide range of substrates


4L and 15L Pails


White, Grey

Available Colour
  • White
  • Grey